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Moroccan Prestige: Binding the Past with the Future.

Due to its unique location, Morocco has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years. For centuries, the country was formed by the mixture of Berber tribes from before the 7th Century, African tribes from the other side of the Sahara Desert, Islamic traditions from Arab neighbors, the Hispano-Moorish settlers from the Iberian Peninsula and European colonizers. All of these influences have created a culture unlike any other and nowhere is this more clear than in the the country's unique home style design. Equipped with our diverse identity, at Moroccan Prestige we thought that it is our obligation to share with you our diverse history and take you into our unique luxurious Moroccan world of home design and furniture.

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Welcome to the Wonderland of Moroccan Handcrafted Furniture and Accessories.

Morocc an Prestige showcases the beauty of Moroccan furniture and accessories for the modern lifestyle as we support the artisans who create it. inspired by Morocco's rich heritage and our artisans' mastery of traditional techniques, Moroccan Prestige mixes contemporary and vintage pieces to bring a touch of Moroccan luxury to your home.

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Moroccan Prestige: Your Satisfaction is our Goal.

Moroccan Prestige vast collection of home furniture and accessories have been selected to complement a variety of styles and tastes to ensure that whatever you are searching for, you will find the perfect piece for your home.

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