Transform a bland space into an amazing one with a single piece of home decor - a Moroccan Light. No other item has the power to dramatically change the ambience of an entire room. It’s like having a superpower-- you can take any space, large or small, and create an interesting, intimate, romantic atmosphere with the flick of a switch.

1. What’s so special about Moroccan Lighting?

Our authentic Moroccan Lights are completely hand-crafted by skilled artisans whose families have passed down skills from generation to generation.

Our Palace Lighting is the highest quality available anywhere, created in workshops that furnish the palaces of the King of Morocco. Commonly made of brass, these pieces are also available in copper or silver finishes. Each light is painstakingly pierced and engraved by hand in a process that can take weeks or even months depending on the complexity of the design. Once lit, they reveal an intricate pattern of light and dark, creating a soft ambiance that that is both beautiful and romantic.

Our Medina Lighting is a bit less formal and a lot more fun. These pieces feature colorful glass which is hand-cut and carefully pieced together to create beautiful shapes and patterns, then combined with darkened metal that enhances the impact of the color. Medina Lighting is the perfect accent to a less formal space, but works in any space where you want to add a lively, interesting and attractive element to your home decor.

 Moroccan Palace Lighting

2. How and where should I use Moroccan Lighting?

We offer a wide range of options, from pendants which can be wired from your ceiling to sconces that attach to the wall, and from large freestanding sculptural pieces to tabletop lights. We love using them in foyers to create an incredible first impression, or over dining tables to set the mood for an intimate dinner. We often use sconces as wall sculpture at visual focal points. Group them together for a big impact!

   pendants which can be wired from your ceiling to sconces that attach to the wall

3. What sizes are available?

We offer a wide range of sizes for any type of space. The exact dimensions of each piece are noted in the description on our website. We highly recommend that you measure carefully before ordering so you can get the right size for your room, both in terms of proportion and light diffusion.

4. Are your Moroccan Lights electrified?

Our Moroccan Lighting is not electrified, due to differences in currents and standards between the US and Morocco. We recommend using an electrician to wire pieces that are attached to a ceiling or wall, as you would typically do with that type of product. And many of our lights are configured to accommodate drop-in units or kits which do not take any skill or expertise to install.

So when you’re ready to add style, glamour and impact to your home decor, we’re here to help! You can see our full collection on our website. We add new designs all the time, and are available to help with any special requests. Feel free to reach out by phone or email. Thank you!