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Rich in natural vegetable keratin, argan leaf extract, wheat and soya proteins, the Keraness Lavender Shampoo from BOTANIKA Marrakech is a nourishing formula for dry, damaged and brittle hair. Perfumed with the Geranium essential oil, this shampoo fortifies your hair and provides softness and suppleness while preserving its natural shine. Experience a sensation of freshness with each use. Without synthetic fragrances.

+ A nourishing and repairing shampoo made with natural vegetable keratin, our exclusive argan leaf extract and lavender essential oil

+ Formulated for dry damaged hair

+ Softens and nourishes hair leaving it smooth and silky

+  Not tested on animals

+ Vegan

Rich in natural vegetable keratin and our exclusive Argan Leaf Extract, the Keraness Lavender Shampoo is a nourishing formula for dry, damaged and brittle hair. It is designed to fortify hair, providing softness and suppleness while preserving natural shine. Made without synthetic fragrances, it is lightly scented with Lavender Essential Oil known for its classic fragrance and calming properties. 

Our hair products are formulated with the finest natural ingredients. Wheat and soya proteins act effectively to condition, protect, repair and strengthen hair. Essential Oil of Lavender has been used throughout history for its healing and mood-enhancing properties. And our exclusive Argan Leaf Extract is rich in polyphenols which protect the hair and reduce the damaging impact of UV rays. 

At Botanika Marrakech we use the best ingredients and production techniques to create the finest skin and hair care products in the market. The natural plants used for our oil are hand-harvested and hand-selected, then gently extracted in a cold-press process. The result are the highest-quality ingredients available anywhere.

How to use:

-Massage shampoo into hair until it lathers. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye contact. For external use only. 

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