Luxurious. Hand crafted. Versatile. Moroccan Prestige shares the beauty of handcrafted Moroccan furniture and accessories with our discerning clients. Demonstrating a belief in supporting the talented artisans who create these enchanting collections, founders Salaheddine Benyoussef and Zineb Atouani work closely with their design teams in Morocco and the U. S. to identify gifted craftspeople to create our exclusive home accents with intrinsic Moroccan style. Inspired by Morocco’s rich heritage and the artisans’ mastery of traditional techniques, Moroccan Prestige mixes contemporary and vintage pieces to bring a touch of Moroccan luxury to your home. We invite you to travel with us as we celebrate the magic of Moroccan artistry.


Founders Salaheddine Benyoussef and Zineb Atouani started Moroccan Prestige in 2005. The inspiration? A desire to preserve the techniques and high workmanship of Moroccan handicrafts for generations to come. Supporting local artisans and the communities in which they reside was another impetus for starting Moroccan Prestige. We love the idea of introducing high quality, handcrafted Moroccan furniture and home accents to our customers that they won’t find anywhere else.

Our Moroccan heritage plays an important role in all that we do. We’re proud of our country’s rich, evolving history and understand how that history can be experienced in the beauty of traditional Moroccan home accents. We celebrate our ties to our community by seeking out Morocco’s best artisans, and nurture them by guiding their work to appeal to an international audience.

The past 12 centuries of Morocco’s culture, traditions and heritage provides us with an endless supply of inspiration. The joy of finding an unexpected treasure in a bustling souk. The gracious warmth of traditional Moroccan hospitality. The vibrant colors of an interior courtyard, framed against a cloudless blue sky. The exquisite craftsmanship of even the simplest of objects. Translating this through design for the modern American home is what never ceases to inspire us.

Travel is also an important inspiration for us. Traveling, not only between Morocco and the U.S., but also around the world, reminds us of the commonalities we share as people, and the distinct perspectives and desires that make us unique. We explore these varied distinctions through the colors, patterns and textures in our collection.

Working with local craftspeople to further the tradition of Moroccan handicrafts has always been the mission of Moroccan Prestige. We think it’s a worthwhile goal. Take our poufs for example: each pouf is handmade by skilled artisans in Marrakesh using century old techniques. Our artisans work closely with designers to interpret current trends for the discerning consumer. We select the best goat skin leather, and fill each pouf with a cotton blend for durability. No harmful chemicals are used in our eco-friendly process. To make one pouf, it takes seven artisans; each with his or her own specialty. Some of these artisans work in workshops. Others, especially women, work at home where they can also take care of their children. For both groups of artisans, making a pouf is a creative means to support their families and to better their communities.

We’re quite excited about the future of Moroccan Prestige. We are continuing to explore meaningful ways of supporting artisans and their families as we introduce the beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship to new audiences. Looking forward to sharing more details with you soon!